Lisa Nelson C.Y.P.  has served as Executive Director of The Y.O.U. Institute for over a decade. Her vast experience in education, human behavior and advisement spans over 20 years.  She is an integral aspect of the success associated with The Y.O.U. Institute, speaking publicly about the ULT technology and the benefits of using the methodology in discovering solutions for life's challenges in business, home and life. Many of her responsibilities include participation in research, curriculum development and promoting today's leading methods in understanding human nature. One of her key responsibilities is that of serving as a Master Trainer, creating leading pioneers in the expertise of the ULT Technology and  overseeing the maintenance of the integrity of its presentation. To date, she has assisted in training and mentoring over 100 professionals in becoming highly skilled ULT Experts and Trainers. Her life's work has been all about teaching others to move through the challenges of life with acceptance and grace.


The Home of The Ultimate Life Tool

Advanced Human Assessment Technology


TYI, Inc. dba The Y.O.U. Institute, is an organization dedicated to serving others by delivering a very unique proprietary, patented online Advanced Human Assessment Instrument, “THE ULTIMATE LIFE TOOL®”. Curriculum used to train individuals in the technology has been approved for Continuing Education (CE) Provider by the California State Board of Behavioral Sciences, Board of Registered Nursing and the International Coach Federation. 

TYI offers extraordinary seminars, services and certification programs based on natural law and objective understanding. The Instrument, branded as "the ULT" aka “The Ultimate Life Tool®” is based on “The Knowledge of Y.O.U.®” (your own understanding) and serves as the impetus of today's latest cutting edge human assessment technology. The results derived from this technological application allows TYI certified consultants and practitioners to assist in revealing natural traits as well as polarities that influence personal performance in the markets of human resources, executive business coaching, recruiting, matchmaking, health and well being. In brief, it serves any market where measuring an individual’s personal characteristics and optimizing their potential is valued.

Discovering these individual characteristics can change the quality and outcome of a person's life by offering better choices and alternatives in the business of life. Today, businesses and life management in general are suffering from a lack of human understanding. Current psychometric tools serve as a great adjunct for action planning. The Ultimate Life Tool® aka ULT, when used as the first tool of choice, not only reveals the true nature of an individual but further enhances the performance of current assessments on the market. The ULT gives other instruments a place to live and in doing so adds greater dimensionality to all instruments employed.

TYI’s technology is “The Missing Link” in that it is the only tool that reveals physical law as it relates to the uniqueness of each individual. There are no two people completely alike. The Ultimate Life Tool® technology provides a baseline from which to improve human performance.

The Ultimate Life Tool® consists of an 87 question, online assessment, that takes about ten minutes to complete, followed by a written report that facilitates executive coaching, leadership development, career counseling, team building, personal relationship analysis, casting, matchmaking and conflict resolution. This single assessment tool has helped to revolutionize educational, counseling, recruiting and coaching industries worldwide.

TYI’s management team consists of the Founder and Innovator of the ULT technology, Dr. Zannah Hackett, Co- Founder and Scientist, Nanz Zekela, and former World Champion Professional Athlete, Co- Founder and CEO, David J. Hackett. TYI’s Advisory Board over the years has included several leading success coaches, educators, therapists, physicians and business executives including Executive Life Coach and former Disney Safety Engineer Hal Taylor, former executive with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) Dr. Charles Richards, current Staff Advisor for The Board of Regents for UCSD Dr. Ed Abeyta,  Master ULT Practitioner and TYI Trainer Lisa Nelson, Parent Educator and RCB & TYI Certified Instructor Niloo Tavangar and Kerri Gobbo, ULT Technology Expert, TYI Trainer and Executive Administrator.  In 2017, THE Y.O.U. INSTITUTE formed a strategic alliance with HumanOp Technologies Inc. for purposes of continued research, development and distribution of programs and services.

TYI’s proprietary, patented instrument is so complete, concise and simple in its delivery, that is helps to validate and give other more static psychometric instruments a place to live. By quantifying human nature using physics, physimetrics, we gain access to the whole person and more importantly their true dynamic nature. This is the Human Assessment the industry has been waiting for! With everyone going green, The Ultimate Life Tool® is the most NATURE-BASED human assessment technology on the market today.

TYI Course Policies & Procedures:        

It is the policy of TYI, Inc. to develop and promote policies and procedures for the timely and effective handLing of refunds, grievances or complaints regarding continuing education activities.


  • The refund procedure for cancellations will be clearly stated on all advertising material. 
  • Refund requests received a minimum of 48 hours prior to a scheduled course may receive a full refund less a $50 administrative handling fee. Refunds will be given within two weeks of the receipt of cancellation.
  • Cancellations will be accepted via e-mail, fax, mail or telephone.
  • In the case of non-attendance with no notification, no refund will be given. 
  • If The Y.O.U. Institute cancels the course, notification will be made by e-mail, on the web site, and by telephone if possible. A full refund or the opportunity to attend a rescheduled course will be offered to the participant. If a full refund is requested it will be provided within two weeks of the cancellation.
  • Any participant who is not completely satisfied with a course is invited to share concerns on the evaluation form, or in writing via e-mail, fax or mail.
  • Resolution of complaints and concerns will be determined by the staff of TYI, Inc.

Information obtained from evaluation forms or written concerns regarding instructors, content, format or facilities will be used for continuous improvement of the educational program and offerings.

Courses are made available online and onsite by The Y.O.U. Institute located in Southern California and South Carolina.

All Certification content has been approved by :

Approved CE Provider by the California State Board of Behavioral Sciences... CE units available to eligible participants for course completion. APPROVAL NUMBER PCE 4245 through 2016 when the BBS no longer assumed this role.

Approved CE Provider by the California State Board of Registered Nursing... CE units available to eligible participants for course completion. APPROVAL NUMBER CEP 15266 . 

Approved CE Provider by the International Coach Federation ... approved coursework is available through The Y.O.U. Institute.

The ULT Advanced Human Assessment Technology - U.S. Patent No. 8,556,630