The Y.O.U. Institute's ULT Certification Practitionership Programs are designed to create a foundation of service providers that can coach, discuss and interpret ULT assessment results utilizing Y.O.U. methodologies. The ULT technology affords individuals an opportunity to become a front runner in the coaching industry. The ULT technology curriculum first received approval by the BBS, the BRN and the ICF in 2007. Today it focuses on many industries and continues to gain respect and acknowledgement as one of today's most advanced leading technologies in the understanding of human nature. All programs are offered onsite and via tele-classes. For more information regarding certification programs please call 760-230-8016

TYI Practitioner Certification affords Life Coaches, Healthcare Professionals, Educators, Holistic Practitioners, Psychotherapists, HR Professionals, Matchmakers, Relationship experts and those seeking careers in such areas an opportunity to use the ULT TECHNOLOGY in their practices.  It is designed to be used as the first diagnostic tool in the client/patient discovery process. 

We request that all applicants take and experience the ULT assessment process before applying.

Course Information


Levels I and II are considered Core TYI Certification Programs and each is 30 hours in length. On-site and Online Virtual Video Intensives are typically conducted for 3-7 consecutive days.  This is pre-determined by the Trainer prior to the course commencing. Each day includes in-class instruction as well as outside daily assignments. All practitioners are encouraged to attend other support classes that offer practice and review. Preferrably an additional 10 hours is invested in this type of participation.  Total 30-40 hours per level required. (80 hours)

Level III denotes TYI Life Coaching Certification, an advanced program whereby the client/coach relationship is closely examined and understanding how to use the Knowledge of Y.O.U. and the ULT technology in coaching is expanded upon. A Certified TYI Life Coach Professional has demonstrated expertise in practicing and delivering The Knowledge of Y.O.U. and understands the interface between the Knowledge of Y.O.U. and the ULT technology. This course specifically addresses custom treatment and action plans for clients. Eligible candidates have completed Levels I and II Practitioner certification and have experience conducting 60-90 minute online portals for individuals. The course is conducted as a 30 hour course with a 90 hour participation requirement that can take several months to complete. Course Instruction is provided through Online Virtual Video platforms.  (120 hours)  

90 hours include: select from the following:

  • Participating in Virtual-Expression Sessions
  • Attending/Assisting with TYI Events
  • Fulfilling 3 Life Coaching Practicums
  • Attending Level 1 & 2 for Review, Enrichment & Updates
  • Delivering complimentary TYI assigned consults.

Practitioners engaged in Level III study, may be asked to donate their time to non-profits conducting ULT assessment reviews.  Hours towards certification requirement will be applied.

Level IV denotes a ULT Facilitator & Corporate Consulting Certification and candidates are selected for this program. These certified professionals conduct Community Core Classes, small workshops and in-services. This course focuses on presentation of the Knowledge and the ULT technology to groups versus one on ones. Special attention is given to developing audience inter-actives and protocols in professionally representing TYI and the ULT technology. This course requires volunteer TYI participation and curriculum development assignments be fulfilled. The course requires a 30 hour classroom investment as well as fulfilling 60 hours of student observation and teaching assistant requirements. These courses are conducted both onsite and virtually. (90 hours)

60 hours include:

  • Attend 3 Core Class Demonstrations                                            
  • Perform 2 Mock Community Core Classes                       
  • Perform 1 Official Community Core Class         
  • Serve as a Trainer's Assistant in Levels 1, 2 & 3                                                                       

Level V is the highest level of certification, TYI Certified TRAINER and candidates are selected for this program. These certified professionals Train the Trainers. These certified professionals teach Levels 1-3. This course requires onsite, student teaching hours and TYI curriculum development assignments be fulfilled. The course requires a 30 hour classroom investment as well as fulfilling 120 hours of student teaching requirements whereby the candidate demonstrates their ability to teach each level meeting YCG standards.         (150 hours)

120 hours include:

  • Train 15 Hours each at Levels 1, 2 & 3                            
  • Conduct Monitored Virtual-Training Courses  1, 2 & 3  
  • Provide Grid Sessions
  • Provide TYI/ULT Related Specialty Course Instruction 
  • Provide Instruction at TYI Retreats and Events 

TYI Course Policies & Procedures:        

It is the policy of The Y.O.U. Institute to develop and promote policies and procedures for the timely and effective handing of refunds, grievances or complaints regarding continuing education activities.


  • The refund procedure for cancellations will be clearly stated on all advertising material. 
  • Refund requests received a minimum of 48 hours prior to a scheduled course may receive a full refund less a $50 administrative handling fee. Refunds will be given within two weeks of the receipt of cancellation.
  • Cancellations will be accepted via e-mail, fax, mail or telephone.
  • In the case of non-attendance with no notification, no refund will be given. 
  • If The Y.O.U. Institute cancels the course, notification will be made by e-mail, on the web site, and by telephone if possible. A full refund or the opportunity to attend a rescheduled course will be offered to the participant. If a full refund is requested it will be provided within two weeks of the cancellation.
  • Resolution of complaints and concerns will be determined by the staff of The Y.O.U. Institute.